not fired yet

People that should have been fired a long time ago and yet miraculously are somehow still not yet fired update:

Donald Rumsfeld

Status: Not fired.

Latest reason why it’s amazing he still has a job: DoD funds used to pay for favorable news stories in the Iraqi media.

Reason he’s not fired: Can suck the chrome off a bumper?

Maureen Dowd

Status: Not fired.

Latest reason why it’s truly mind-boggling she’s not riding the pink-slip express: Her new book which is probably stupid even though I haven’t read it, since she’s a big stupid-head. In all seriousness, when was the last time the NYT featured a writer so stunningly un-intellectual? I mean, that’s as separate from faux-intellectual, which is fine, for the grey lady. But she doesn’t even put up the pretenses of being intellectual. She should be fired.

Reason she’s not fired: a) She’s hot. 2) Can suck the chrome off a bumper?

George W. Bush

Status: Not fired

Latest reason that my head is exploding due to lack of public outrage at his continued employment: The continued employment of Donald Rumsfeld.

Reason he’s not fired: Country plugging its ears and hoping if we wait it out, it’ll all go away.