Blog posts I’ve started recently and even outlined out but deleted for various reasons:

  • A post making fun of the kids that came into Ichiban asking “is this one of those where you can watch them cook?” over and over, I guess thinking he was at a Hibachi place.
  • A post called “How to Argue Economics on the Internet” that was going to make fun of people applying Marshall’s theory of supply and demand that they learned in Econ 101 to every situation under the sun. Because we live in a perfectly competitive market with perfect linear supply/demand curves for everything, doncha know?
  • A post about why municipal broadband is a good idea economically for cities. (Aborted because I decided that while people were dying from being cut off of Tenncare, the lack of municipal broadband in Nashville is Not A Big Deal. But it would have been a good post because I would have highlighted the hypocrisy on the libertarian right in opposing “state” intervention in municipal wireless/broadband networks, because cities aren’t really “the state” for purposes of a libertarian agenda. I mean, if you’re advocating against a strong central government and for localities to take care of themselves, uhm.. that’s a municipality. I should have written this one. Wait, maybe I just did.)
  • A post about how I think Bob Krumm is a nice guy but I wouldn’t vote for him anyway.
  • A post commenting on the supposed racism in Marx’s essay “On the Jewish Question”. (Because who cares, really.)