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dinner is served

If you are offended by this, it must really suck to be you. It must especially suck to be this person, who had this to say about a woman breastfeeding her kid:

Elizabeth Rich was so busy building her body that she coundn’t be inconvienced by other people including her child. This self centered woman can’t even take the time to shower before feeding her child after working out. Then, she feeds the child at the front counter as she fills out paperwork and can’t understand how anyone could be offended.For Elizabeth, it’s all about her and probably has been since birth.

There’s something so truly, deeply, honestly and hilariously ironic about someone accusing a woman of being selfish for breastfeeding her child – the very definition of the act of nurturing another human being. If you were to distill stupidity, it would look something like this. Do you know what I have to say to “franklincircus”?

screw you

Screw you.