scary story

In (belated) honor of halloween, I have a scary story to offer. This story reminded me that I might want to blog about this now.

It happened around four years ago. At the time I didn’t want to blog anything lest I exascerbate the situation. The short story is that an ex-boyfriend of Amanda’s tracked down some pictures of marijuana buried in some image albums I had online at the time and submitted them to one of my employer’s biggest clients (the State of Tennessee. Yeah. Them.), and called them about it, to boot, in a nearly-successful attempt to get me fired. This was followed by a few weeks of ignoring his attempts to try to get ahold of Amanda and so forth until he finally gave up.

The whole story is here. The names are changed to protect the innocent, and also to protect the guilty douchebag in question (I’m nice like that.) Warning: it’s long. It’s also tough to appreciate how totally red-hand busted this guy was without an understanding of all the technical details, but just take my word for it: dude was busted. I wrote down this story hurriedly after it happened – partially to relay to friends (telling the same story over and over sucks) and partially to document what happened in the case of any legal proceedings. There’s also an “updates” blog section where I documented any communication from him, using the super-new hip technology. Very high tech. For 2001, anyway.

Things pretty much settled down after the last entry in that blog, although like 6-8 months or so later he did send an apology to Amanda – a sort of non-admittal admittal, i.e. “I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused”, without actually admitting to anything.

And also, Mr. X, if you’re reading this: hi. Don’t take this as an invitation to try to contact us k thnx bye.