Sushi ga DAAAAAAAAIsuki

comic book guy You say “is it possible to correct someone on the sushi == raw fish misconception without sounding like a total pretentious jackass”
Ahkond says “Depends on what part of the country you’re in”
Ahkond says “here, yes”
Chris might say ‘there’s other forms of sushi besides raw fish’ and leave it at that.
Ahkond says “because pretentious jackassery is a relative concept and the standards are pretty high here in Cambridge”
You say “i see it a lot and I always think that they might want to know what defines sushi but i always imagine the comic book guy’s voice echoing what I say”
Rock Evan says “WORST SUSHI EVER”
Ahkond says “there is no emoticon to describe what I’m feeling about your ignorance of Japanese cuisine”