I can’t really take credit for this invention – Amanda whipped it up one morning for me for breakfast (yes, I am the luckiest man in the universe).

It’s a simple meal I’ve been enjoying for myself again and again because it’s quick and tasty. This isn’t a recipe so much as a brief description. If you think you need a recipe for an omelette, you should not be allowed near a stove. Seriously.

Anyways, you take a healthy portion of hot sausage (I like Odom’s, myself) and fry it up. Mix a few eggs, cheese and salsa together and fold it into the cooked sausage. Amanda finished it off in the broiler when she made it, which was a good way to go, I think. Personally I am usually too lazy and just finish it off in the pan, usually half-scrambling it for speed so that it’s more like slop than an omelette