communism killed 100 million

Communism killed 100 million and all I got was this lousy t-shirtI don’t really wear t-shirts unless they are under something else, but if I did, I would want one of these. This one is funny too, except that it would probably be misconstrued as actually condoning capitalism in general in addition to simply pointing out the irony of wearing the profile of a brutal communist regime’s henchman on a mass-produced t-shirt. This is something I have mentioned before.

The extra bonus of these shirts is that as a budding anti-authoritarian socialist, it would give me double the opportunities to lecture or argue with anyone that asked me about it.

For the armchair college leftists that are offended by the shirt, I could give a stern lecture about how a revolutionary thug whose primary contribution to the world was putting bullets in heads is probably not the best role-model for progressive change.

Conversely, anyone approaching me going “dude, right on, capitalism ROCKS!” will get a stern lecture about how capitalism doesn’t really rock all that much either when you really think about it.