ipod nano

Amanda got an iPod Nano for her birthday, since she has some mindnumbingly boring parts of her job. It was ostensibly a birthday present from me, except that she paid for it. We have .. creative .. finances.

Anyways, it is awesome. I am jealous. Getting it working in Linux was no sweat. gtkpod seems to work fine, although I did have to run iTunes in windows first to “prime” the itunes database on it – I got some error from gtkpod trying to create the directories. But after that it works fine. The ipod itself is just automounted via autofs, and the ipod itself is just driven by usb-storage.

Apple has ingratiated itself with me for making the ipod just be USB mass storage. I once bought a 64M Rio mp3 player, and the process for getting music on/off it in Linux was so laborious as to be pointless.