The comment I just sent to DailyKos:

Hi guys.

I have been a dailykos subscriber for a long time.

When I registered, I gave the e-mail address [email protected].

(my mailserver gives you the ability to append a “postfix” to the username, so the -dailykos bit is just a way I can track that particular address.)

The bad news is that I just got spam tonight to my [email protected] address.

This is pretty unfortunate. Did you sell my address to a spammer?


UPDATE: As noted in the comments below, it seems that at worst, some e-mail addresses may be public when they shouldn’t be, or something. Spammers are simply trawling the user profiles for public e-mail addresses. DailyKos is not, I repeat not selling e-mail adresses. Not selling e-mail addresses. Sorry, I am just a little gunshy after the last time I posted about people referrer/comment spamming with johnkerry.com and the next thing you know there was a flurry of blog telephone game. “What? people are spamming johnkerry.com?” “johnkerry.com spams?!” “John Kerry, Spammer!!” “John Kerry personally spams millions while eating delicious live puppies!!!” and so on.