Amanda brings the funny:

Amanda: Sociohistorically, the African American family structure, as the result of various forces (lack of ready, stable or adequate employment etc), has difered dramatically from that of white families. African American families tend to be more marticarchal (or completely matriarchal) and place a high premium on child rearing as the central function of the family. Often, in single parent homes this is accomplished (as I stated in my initial post) by combinations of family that are non-traidtional in the mainstream “white” sense. Additionally within African American families the process of gender socialization places a much much lesser emphasis on traditional white western gender roles (the reasons are obvious; the African American family has never followed the larger culture’s division of labor ie the father in the domestic sphere and the mother in the domestic sphere.

“Will”: Uh… how’s that been working out for them?

‘Nuff said!

Amanda: uhh..institutional racism? Not so well…

It astounds me how stupid people are sometimes. Fortunately, it also amuses me.