best wishes

Best wishes to Sharon Cobb, who is undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer, and has still managed to stick it to The Man (institutionalized allopathic medicine) while she was at it:

Last month when I went for my annual physical I insisted on a CA 125, as I have done for a decade. Every year my Doctor tells me he does the test to appease me. This year was no different. In fact, this year, he was a bit cranky with me and told me to bring in some concrete proof that a CA 125 will catch ovarian cancer before it has spread.

The Doctor called me later that night. His voice was shakier than mine. I can only guess he was thinking about how he had tried to discourage me about taking the CA 125. I didn’t see any need or reason to rub it in. I only made one reference to my insistence about having this test once a year to catch ovarian cancer in time, and I said, “Well. Here’s the data and proof you wanted.”