things i am tired of

Things I am tired of:

  • The Nagin Blame-fest on Bill Hobb’s blog. Anyone want to take bets on when he starts calling it Busgate? No, no, this wasn’t a comprehensive failure that involves accountability in both the state and local governments all the way up to the feds and the president – nooo, it was Nagin! The buses could have saved everybody!
  • The anti-blamefest or anti-politicization calls that it’s “too soon” to criticize, demand accountability, or try to identify what went wrong. I call bullshit. Chris Neal asks “if not now, when?” Good question. In 2004 during the run-up to the war, Stan Goff wrote a wonderful rant in which he says “The support the troops thing is a mystifying old red herring. What our new fascists really want us to do is shut the fuck up.” Same shit, different day. This has nothing to do with “appropriateness” – it has to do with people wanting us to shut the fuck up. I am glad that Nagin flipped out and swore and yelled. I am filled with anger and sadness at seeing Broussard cry on national TV about being “abandoned by our own country”. Thousands of people are dead and dying. There are questions that need answering. If not now, then when? </li> </ul>