I'm back!

Well, we finally moved here to Market Street Apartments. Well, mostly. We actually still have a few vanloads left. As far as I can tell, it never ends. Anyways, we then spent 2 weeks without phone or internet thanks to Bellsouth (there will probably be a long-ish rant about this coming here or on the CentreBlog.) I hadn’t really intended on dropping off the face of the internet for 2 weeks, but such is life. Sometimes I wish there was a way to get on the Internet that didn’t involve bending over and taking it up the ass from a giant monopoly. Bellsouth or Comcast, take your pick. You can run, but you can’t hide.

Things I’ve learned during this experience:

  • When you run your own nameserver and host it in your house, uh.. make sure your secondary is actually working before you yank the cord.
  • Never move. If you must move, never do it in July. Particularly during the hottest week of the summer.
  • Never move your apartment and your office in the same week. Ever.
  • Seriously, never move. Buy a house, fill it with your crap, and never move.