Les Jones has some interesting trivia about Rexall in a post about his trip to Dayton:

Roger’s and Robinson’s are out of business, but both had Rexall signs in their day. Those signs were everywhere at one time, especially in smaller towns. I used to think that Rexall was a drugstore chain. Then I read Vince Staten’s Do Pharmacists Sell Farms?, a history of the American drugstore and drugstore products. Rexall manufactured brushes, combs, vitamins, herbal remedies, and other pharmacy staples. They had a co-marketing program and would help drugstores buy signs if they included the Rexall logo. In that way Rexall drugstore signs are similar to the Coca-Cola and Pepsi signs you see on old diners and markets. Rexall isn’t the giant they used to be, but they’re still in business as Rexall Sundown.