car books

Jackson has a post on his increasing fascination with the internal combustion engine as he works on his Volvo.

With that in mind, I have a quick list of car book recommendations:

  • Auto Engines by James E. Duffy. This is an ASE certification test prep book, and it’s awesome. It covers the ins and outs of the basics, but it’s on a very technical level. But it’s the sort of book a nerdy engineer will love.
  • Supercharged! by Corky Bell. I am cheating here, because although I have this, I just got it and haven’t read it, but it comes recommended by just about every gearhead I know.
  • Maximum Boost by Corky Bell. Ditto. This one tackles the turbo-charging side of things.

Okay, so it’s a short list – I know there are a lot of lurkers that read my blog now and then that are major car buffs. Maybe some of them will pipe up and offer some more recommendations?