I am going to start making no posts other than recycled from comments I made on Nashville is Talking:

One of the more humorous side-effects of this whole Durbin thing is how many people have allowed us a nice window into their subconscious via the fact that they think rhyming someone’s name with “Turban” is an insult.

Nice subtle way to broadcast “hello, I am a bigot!” to the world.

This is in reference to the conservobloggers that have christened Dick Durbin as “Turban Durbin” because he dared to acknowledge that torture is bad. For example, Bill Hobbs, and this guy.

This is what Bill has to say in defense of his apparent bigotry:

The use of the word was a simple device to smoke out Durbin apologists from the Left who - like you - are quicker to condemn a silly joke than to condemn the very real and very damaging slander that Durbin uttered.

Unlike Durbin’s words, mine won’t be rebroadcast incessantly on al-Jazeera to the delight and encouragement of our enemy in this global military and ideological struggle against - yes - ISLAMIST wacko fundamentalism, jihad and terrorism.

But if “Turban Durbin” so offends you, I’ll not use it anymore to refer to him. I’ll just call him al-Durbin from now on.

There you have it, folks. It was just a silly joke, and a ploy to trap gullible liberals. Curse his fiendish wit! But, if you find it offensive that he equates wearing a Turban with “islamist wacko fundamentalist jihadist terrorists”, he’s more than willing to use the Arabic word for “the”, instead. Great work, Bill; you’re really building bridges of compassion and understanding.