thursday car blogging

The TDI Passat in Europe is going to get VW’s new DSG transmission (it uses two clutches and does away with the torque converter – check this page for details). Why do Europeans always get the cool stuff first?

As mentioned in the comments on an earlier post of mine, it looks like West Country Classics’ website is up, including a list of their cars. Looks pretty cool. If you’re in the UK, I recommend checking it out. If you’re in the US, I recommend renting a taurus and LIKING IT.

Autoblog has an article about an interesting new product called CryO2. Basically, it routes liquid CO2 through a few key points in the engine to cool them: the fuel line (-80F degrees), through a section in the air intake, and finally being vented directly onto the intercooler’s fins. They point out that though it may increase power, its real value is just keeping an engine with forced induction operating at safe temperates. Cool.

More signals that Fiat may be bringing the Maserati and the Alfa Romeo back to the states: they’ve hired James Selwa, the guy that managed Rolls’ re-introduction. This is great news, and I hope they bring over the Brera, which is freakin gorgeous.

Last week, I mentioned a 350bhp, four-wheel-drive, six-cylinder turbocharged Focus RS. This week, I say: nevermind.

Mercedes introduces a mid-line SLK 280 for those of us that can’t afford the SLK 350. No word yet from Mercedes about an offering for those of us that can’t afford the phone bill.

Did you know that Lamborghini made a military utility vehicle to compete with the Humvee in the 70s? Neither did I.