thursday car blogging

Hybrid sport:

It is a true 2+2 high performance Sports Coupe which as a result of the application of hybrid technology, the Connaught innovative engineering principles and low vehicle weight, delivers exceptional performance and fulfils all future legislative requirements for a production in 2006.

The Connaught Type-D includes the following unique characteristics;
Mild Hybrid technology providing fuel economy of 42mpg on the combined cycle, with ultra low CO2 emissions (150g/km)

Ford is planning a 350bhp, four-wheel-drive, six-cylinder turbocharged Focus RS. Yowza. The V6 is designed by Volvo for use in its new S80.

Surprisingly, Porsche is sticking to its guns and claiming it won’t build a racing version of the new Cayman. Too bad. I have to admit the look of the Cayman is growing on me. A little.

Pictures of the new Peugeot 307. There’s a word that comes to mind .. on the tip of my tongue. Ah, yes. “Ugly.”

Toyota is building a new front-engined super-car with looks based on the Lexus LFA concept.

An unlikely winner of an auto beauty pageant: the Saturn Sky (the roadster pased on the Pontiac Solstice). Not a bad looking car. Autoblog thinks this might help undo the damage the Saturn Ion did for the brand.