suitless salaryman

Suitless Salaryman – say that three times fast:

Hiroshi Okuda, chairman of Toyota Motor, Japan’s largest company, is about to make his runway debut, promenading before the cameras for a new national campaign to cajole Japanese men to help the nation save energy by shedding their jackets and ties in summer.

This blatant appeal to hierarchy comes as Japan - the world’s second-largest oil importer, after the United States - charts a sartorial revolution intended to cut summer air-conditioning bills. The dark business suit, the beloved uniform for generations of salarymen, is supposed to stay at home this summer. All public and private offices - in a bid to save energy and reduce output of global warming gases - are to set their air-conditioners at 28 degrees centigrade, or a sweltering 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is an interesting idea. 82F is pretty damn hot, though.