bellsouth push polling

In Lafayette, Lousiana, there is a proposal ongoing to launch a non-tax (bond-based) municipal fiber network, which Cox and Bellsouth have both been fighting viciously against. Cox in the past has stooped to malicious push-polling in the past, and now it appears that Bellsouth has joined the bunch. A few examples of the questions asked in the Bellsouth-sponsored “poll”:

“Since LUS rations water, how would you feel about receiving your cable 2-3 days a week?”

“Since the law separates church and state, how would you feel about losing your cable-based religious programming?”

“Do you want Big Brother watching your Internet and email usage?”

This sort of behavior is despicable. No matter where you stand on the issue of municipal ISPs, this sort of manipulation and lying is deplorable. Bellsouth should be ashamed. If anything, this gives a good indication of their primary motivation: fear.