RIP 96.3

Via Brittney at Nashvilleistalking, I see that the only oldies station in Nashville, 96.3FM, is dead:

Focuses on ’70s, ’80s and ’90s hits, sprinkled with current tunes. Target audience: twenty-somethings to baby boomers. A hit in Canada since 2002, Jack could be in 100 U.S. markets this year.

Jack is often backed by “throw away your iPod” marketing hype because it employs playlists of 1,200 or more songs — triple most oldies-style music stations and a bit closer to iPod capacity. “Jack’s a reaction to stations that are tightly formatted and predictable,” Inside Radio editor Tom Taylor says.

Could be interesting but I am not holding my breath. Sounds like at this point the last reason I had to listen to music on the radio is gone and that I should throw it away and get an Ipod!