radiator mystery solved

Okay, I’ve been late in posting an update.

Before I get to the solution to the mystery, let me first just say that I made a mistake in judgement: I went to Advance Auto Parts. In the past, I haven’t had any incidents, but this time, I was faced with two radiators that didn’t work (or were questionable) and a dumbass attendant standing there shrugging their shoulders after screwing me twice.

I corrected my mistake this morning and went to Southern Radiator, an excellent shop on 8th avenue with someone that knew what they were doing. The answer to the mystery? He told me the ports on the radiator I had were likely to route transmission fluid through the radiator (that is, they aren’t connected to the flow of coolant at all), so you can just leave them open. So, problem solved. I could have used the radiator I had, but I had already returned it. Oh well. I then purchased the appropriate radiator from them, instead. It was more expensive, but you know what? I don’t care.

I’d rather spend $50 more at a local shop than give my money to some chain staffed by tards. Lesson learned.

So this makes me wonder: does anyone know of a good locally-owned general automotive parts store? Because I likely won’t be going back to Advance unless I have to.