My car has been sitting in my driveway without a radiator now for three days, thanks to the geniuses at Advance Auto Parts.

Day #1: I call to order the radiator from Advance Auto Parts. The clerk says there were two radiators for my model year, so he needs the manufacturer date. I get it. I call back, give him the info, and he says it’ll be there at 8 the next morning.

Day #2: I visit Advance Auto Parts and the clerk looks confused when I tell him I should have a radiator for me but no, I don’t have a receipt, I did it over the phone. He gasps, quickly silences himself, runs in the back and pretends to look, and then comes back, obviously bracing himself for the shouting match he expects to ensue, as he tells me “Oh, that was me you talked to on the phone yesterday.. I uh.. well, *cough* I forgot to tell you that you have to come here to buy it first, and then we order it.” Oh really. It’s not so much he forgot to tell me as, well, he just didn’t. To what end? To get me off the phone? Who knows. I could have strangled him, but instead I just ordered it and paid for it then.

Day #3: I visit Advance Auto Parts to pick up my shiny new radiator. I get home. I take it out. It’s the wrong damn one.

Mood: annoyed.