thursday car blogging

Some obligatory Thursday car-blogging.

Well, due to the unexpected IRS-related monetary transaction, I have decided to attempt a JBWELD patch-job on my radiator, rather than having it replaced. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to bond under the hood of my car on a Sunday with my dad. The radiator looks ridiculously easy to yank out on the Sentra, and JB-WELD is cheap, so hey, why not?

Also, check out the new Bentley Drophead Coupé. Bling bling! Wait, a convertible coupe? Uh, okay. And rumor has it they’re scoping out the market for a Bentley SUV, presumably using VW’s totally awesome W12 engine. VW’s car design does nothing for me, but they are doing some cool engineering. The W12 displaces 6.0 liters in a remarkably small space – it’s basically two VR6 engines crammed together at the crankshaft. Lots of cool variable timing, selective cylinder-shutdown stuff. I had a great article about it with all the details, but I can’t remember where I read it. I am the worst blogger ever.

And, PA is offering a cool $500 rebate if you get a hybrid in the state.