I think most men seem to be intimidated by shirts that are pink or even purple. Because, as we all know, wearing pink or purple means you’re a fag. Or something. So, at TJ Maxx, say, if there are a bunch of nice shirts on sale, the only ones left in my size are largely pink or purple. Now, I have no problem wearing pink and purple, and I’m a cheapskate to boot. The result is that I have a disproportionate amount of pink and purple shirts.

ugly shoe thing

Also, what is up with men’s shoe design these days? What is with every single shoe being some weird slip-on with a gigantic square toe. Whatever happened to a good old wingtip, or a loafer. Is that so much to ask? I mean, what is that thing supposed to be? Do I have to go to fucking Johnston & Murphy to get a pair of shoes that doesn’t look like it’s some sort of square-footed freak cobbler clown-shoe accident? Maybe I can learn to cobble.

Rockports are the only shoes I buy these days, and they are expensive and doubly-expensive to have re-soled. What’s a man to do?