deja vu

So I decided to switch from tin to slrn recently (irrelevant) and i was searching on google for “slrn dotfiles” and I find this guy’s page. Hm. “Looks familiar”, I think.

Then I realize it’s really familiar. Maybe because it’s exactly the same as my own dotfiles page! Dude ripped off the code for this and used it for his entire site. Not that I care, naturally. It is a brilliantly smashing design, if I do say so myself.

The funny part is he has all these W3C/CSS valid images plastered all over it. Yeah, way to go dude. The HTML/CSS I wrote in like 5 minutes that you stole validates. Congratulations. The best part is his “about this site” section:

In any event.. this appallingly piece of HTML code was created with VIM under Slackware and OpenBSD. The clean design this requires also means that text only browsers such as Lynx cope very well with this site. It really is best viewed with any browser., because this page (like almost all other) are W3C conformable. For more informations about me, send beer, pizza, money and willed sluts!!!11!

Coincidentally, he’s right. I did write it in vim, but not in OpenBSD or Slackware. It was in Debian. Maybe I should tell him to update that.