NYT on tenncare

Saturday’s NYT has a piece on Tenncare. Not much new substance, but a good tour of the issue, along with some weird bits:

Meanwhile, the governor has grown increasingly vocal about what he calls the advocates’ intransigence, and ratcheted up his rhetoric, comparing the health care program favored by Mr. Bonnyman to “a dictator in a glass coffin” and declaring the program he was proposing as “more American.”

Dictator in a glass coffin? What? More American? And then there’s this beauty:

The advocates have also shown a willingness to appeal to emotions.

“Certainly, some people will die who would not otherwise have died,” if the program is killed, Mr. Bonnyman said.

Wow, what a shameless display of manipulative rhetoric. It’s amazing what depths people will stoop to in order to keep people from dying, like pointing out that they will die. How does he sleep at night? Help, I can’t stop being sarcastic.