dogs die in hot cars

Courtesy of Amanda, I’ve been listening to this album Please Describe Yourself by a band called Dogs Die in Hot Cars (worst band name ever). My token recursively referential description is “vocals: andy partridge meets robert smith; music: xtc meets howard jones meets men at work”.

From the the Onion’s review, though:

The members of Scotland’s Dogs Die In Hot Cars claim they hadn’t heard XTC before they wrote the bulk of the songs on their debut album, Please Describe Yourself. That seems plausible, considering XTC’s slow disappearance into the record collections of thirtysomethings. But there’s no denying the sonic similarity between the two groups, particularly the heady timbre of Craig Macintosh’s voice, which an expert might mistake for Andy Partridge’s.

What a crock. The resemblance to XTC of the Skylarking/Oranges&Lemons period is so uncanny it’s not even funny. They even have a song called “Apples & Oranges” for cripe’s sake. Please.

That said, it’s still a pretty great album. So far, I’m impressed.