XMPP file transfer

Peter Saint-Andre notes:

Not many people have heard of Volity yet. It’s a platform (largely based on XMPP) for building and playing multiplayer games over the net. It seems that the Volity folks are trying to do file transfer over XMPP in some creative, er, non-standard ways. Why not use JEP-0096? We don’t write these specs for fun, ya know. 😉

Volity was first introduced to me by Doug and it looks pretty cool.

More generally, I am glad to know about JEP 0096. A lot of jabber client developers implement file transfer with XMPP via out-of-band connections, which for all intents and purposes is completely useless for the 95% of the world that is behind NAT/firewalls (not to mention endlessly confusing and frustrating). Further, in my opinion, the current inability to send files is one of the biggest weaknesses in Jabber.

XMPP client developers, take note: JEP 0096 is your friend!