i love gender, how bout you

cars.about.com has some dumb article listing the “top 10 cars for women”:

Women tell us they prefer a car that’s agile, easy to park, with good visibility.

Because men, as we know, prefer cars that are slow and cumbersome, impossible to park, and have low visibility.

They like to sit higher and rightly insist on storage for purses.

Okay, I’ll give them this one, because while Amanda is learning to drive, we’ve had trouble figuring out where to put her purse while I’m in the passenger seat.

Low price and running costs are important for working women.

.. but not for men. Nope. Men like to pay at lot and keep paying, for no reason.

Space for growing families is essential in many cases and safety is a major factor.

While men don’t actually have families, if they did, they would definitely prefer a car in which any minor accident would result in their prolonged, fiery death. Isn’t gender funny like that?

Good times. Stay tuned for the “Top 10 Cars for Black People”.