Sometime a few months ago, re-designed their site. Their previous design wasn’t bad, even though it relied on javascript for every single link, which was very annoying, requiring you to dig a bit and craft your own URLs on occasion.

Their new site design is the worst I’ve ever seen. This is the text of feedback I just sent them:


I know you’ve already gotten a lot of feedback on it, but honestly, no amount is enough.

The new site design is horrible. Horrible. It’s the most horrible site re-design I’ve ever seen a major website undertake.

It’s quite literally unusable in Opera and practically unusable in countless others.

The flash applet at the top of every page is a massive resource-hog and is functionally useless.

Harsh words, I know, but I give them respectfully. I have loved your site for years, and the content alone is priceless.

Please, change it back, or fix it. I am begging. I will donate money. Anything. Please.