Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Well, Knoxville is much as I remembered it – quieter and cooler than Nashville. We went up for a day to help Nick move – his wife just got into Vandy law school, so bye-bye UT.

I was sad to see that Kyoto Express on Cumberland is now just a regular ol’ japanese place. Their “chicken bowl” got me through many a tight budgeted week.

I was totally dissed by the Rocky Top Brigade knoxville blogosphere, but we had very little free time, so it’s just as well.. We did manage to sneak out to Chili’s for dinner and some drinks, where we evidently sat next to Lee Greenwood. (Who would have thought we’d have to go to Knoxville from Nashville to see Lee Greenwood?) When informed of this by our waiter, I mentioned how my dad used to play with him, and recounted the winner of this year’s You Are So Nashville IF… in the scene, which was “You are so Nashville if you need a war to sell records.”. Good times.