fahrenheit 9/11

Well, we finally got around to seeing Fahrenheit 9/11, now that it’s finally being played at the megaplex near my house, and the onslaught of Spider-Man 2 has thinned some of the crowds.

My initial reaction: very good. It was also more viscerally emotional than I expected. Moore does a very good job of pounding home the worst thing about war: people suffering and dying. It’s very difficult to watch, and I guess an anti-war movie should be.

My only gripe is that I wish he had spent less time playing up the Bush/Saudi connection and more time on the vast fish-barrel full of reasons why the war was a bad idea.

I also had a funny conversation with Amanda on the way home:

Amanda: I do think he was a little unfair with the clip of Bush’s reaction on hearing about the WTC, though .. it was a pretty understandable reaction.

Chris: Well, do I think he could have changed anything if he bolted up out of the room? No. But would I expect the leader of the free world to do so? Absolutely.. You can’t exactly imagine Kennedy or Lincoln or FDR sitting there like a lump upon hearing news like that.

Amanda: Yeah. Well, I guess I don’t really think of him as a leader.