I am busy, so a smattering of things in my life, very quickly:

Fan Fair is upon us. For me it means I’ll sprout wings and fly before I ever get a parking spot on 2nd Ave. It also provides the amusement of seeing people lined up at 8AM to get into the Wildhorse Saloon. I kid you not.

Where are all the cicadas? I haven’t seen a damn one. What a disappointment.

Public Service Announcement: When a traffic light is out, you treat the intersection as a 4-way stop. (PDF) Evidently everyone at 8th and Wedgewood today missed that day in driving school. What’s incredible to me is not that people would be so rude as to blow through an intersection without stopping for the people going the other direction – what’s incredible is that it doesn’t occur to them that someone going the other way might have the same idiotic idea. Luckily, I know the backroads, so I only gaped for a while. Suckers!

Reagan: It’s sad that he died and had Alzheimer’s. It’s also sad that he was not a very good president that did things I think were bad for the country. But as I was prepubescent for the Reagan presidency, I’ll let those who were actually around speak more authoritatively to that end. To those whining about “politicizing” his death: Reagan’s life and presidency are intimately tied to his legacy and how history remembers it. It’s fair game. It’s important. Get over it.

Oh yeah, and um, I quit my job and have plunged into the world of more general small business IT consulting and product development. In my first two weeks, I’ve learned one thing: after 2 years shielded from it, Microsoft Windows still sucks. Bummer.