web browsing tip

I ranted earlier about my irritation with blogs that have approximately 8 billion panels on the left and right, usually images hosted off-site, javascript, etc. This results in extremely long loading time, particularly if a site is overloaded (*cough* blogads.com *cough*) and hangs.

In Opera, in particular, and perhaps other browsers, this means the page renders slowly, choppily, or not at all.

Thanks to my pal Ben, though, I discovered an obvious solution for the Opera browser. Opera lets you turn off images while surfing. You can also turn off JavaScript. This cuts down on a lot. But atrios, for example, has some stuff in iframes, which will load anyway. But Opera lets you include a custom CSS file to apply to all web browsing. Add this to it to eliminate iframes:

iframe { display: none }

Of course, it wasn’t until after this that I discovered Opera actually lets you turn off inline frames (i am assuming this is the same as iframes) as well. So, let that be a handy Opera tip for you: if something about someone’s webpage annoys you, you can override it in your own CSS file.

Reading blogs is a joy, now. They load near instantaneously because all that loads it the content, and the 14 blogrolls, 10 blogads, and 13 sitemeters are ignored.