Just a passing thought here: I’ll be the first to admit (or even bring up) that John Kerry is a centrist, through and through, and that he does his fair share of political posturing. That said, I have defended him here and there against the fairly idiotic “flip-flop” attack. It’s a stupid attack, because it allows you to ask mind-numbingly disingenuous questions like “Does John Kerry support tariffs or not?!” and then scoff at any answer with any hint of “nuance” or “flip-flopping”.

That said, there’s a difference between this and being a centrist. You can be a “centrist” in the political spectrum without posturing purely for political gain. They are two different things. John Kerry is undoubtedly a centrist, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have stances on issues. He has stances on issues. They are just sucky, centrist ones (albeit marginally better than sucky, centrist Republican stances).

I can’t remember how or why I came to feel it necessary to point out this distinction, but there it is.