nader, nader, he's our man

The NYT has a piece on Nader today, with the same ol’ theme. First a little of of ol Crazy Ralph:

“And the more I got of these,” Mr. Nader said, “the more I realized that we are confronting a virus, a liberal virus. And the characteristic of a virus is when it takes hold of the individual, it’s the same virus, individual letters all written in uncannily the same sequence. Here’s another characteristic of the virus: Not one I can recall ever said, ‘What are your arguments for running?’ “

Nice usage of “liberal virus”, lest there should be any doubts he’s trying to pick up some moderate Republican votes. Indignant as ever, Nader then details why he has “plenty of reasons” why he should be running for president, none of which really have anything to do with running for president:

His goal is to raise $15 million to $20 million (“Very tough to do,” he said, noting, “We had $8 million last time.”) He aspires to get on the ballot in all 50 states, a daunting task demanding tens of thousands of signatures in each state. He vows to conduct a creative campaign, “opening up new areas in August, September and October as the two parties zero in on five issues and beat them to a vapid pulp.” He has asked for a meeting with Mr. Kerry next month to make his case that he can offer fresh ideas “field-tested by a second front,” and Kerry aides say a session is being arranged.

“We are going to focus on defeating George Bush and showing the Democrats, if they’re smart enough to pick up on it, how to take apart George Bush,” Mr. Nader told a rally of a couple of hundred students at North Carolina State University in Raleigh last Thursday, his shoulders no more slumped and his chest no less concave at 70 than when he began addressing another generation almost 40 years ago. “Things have gotten so bad in this country, you look back at Richard Nixon with nostalgia.”

If only there were some way to do these things without actually running for president..