inline linking

Okay, I have a new pet peeve. The inline linking of 23948234 images/ads from sites on your blog. You know the ones I mean. You go to the site, and the it takes 45 minutes to render, because you have to wait for the 15 different other sites that are linked inline to timeout because they are so overloaded, or just plain down.

blogads, blogrolls, blogbuddies, blogshares, amazon, google-ads. .. What the hell?

Sorry. By the time all this crap loads, I have lost interest. I realize that it looks cool, but let’s face it. The majority of us are not atrios or instapundit. They at least have an excuse. You, on the other hand, are probably driving away for more readers that get sick of waiting for your site to load than you’re making in ad revenue.

So here’s a free tip: be judicious in your inline linking. Every object that you add inline to your website increases the probability that it will hang on loading/rendering. No one really cares about your blog-roll, or a google-ad. They came to read your content. That’s what blogging is all about.