alterman vs. miller

This has already made the rounds, but I thought people might be interested in an actual video clip. Check out this clip of Eric Alterman on Dennis Miller’s show. Miller was a complete ass (surprise), mocking Alterman when he discussed Bush and Iraq. But despite this, I think it was Miller that looked like a complete fool because Alterman, despite being taken aback briefly at how rude Miller was being, otherwise didn’t bat an eyelash and proceeded to deliver a verbal beating. Alterman’s account of it is pretty funny, too:

Anyway, what was so weird about it was how professional it seemed until I finally sat down with Miller. It was set up long in advance by the book’s publicists. The car came on time. In my dressing room, which was pretty elaborate as such things go, I met with a series of staff members who informed me that Dennis would be wanting to discuss topics such as George Soros and the funding of 527s; whether Bush was exploiting the 9/11 families, and I forget what else, just like a real talk show. Then I go out there and what? I’m talking to a stoned teenager, who can’t be bothered to say more than, “Whoh, man, you are so totally screwed up. Like, you really believe that stuff, dude?” I paraphrase, but really, Dennis did not say much more than that. Everyone on staff was extremely apologetic afterward and the word “unprofessional” was used over and over.