I was ego-searching today and realized that a majority of the hits that turn up now are actually me commenting on other people’s blogs. Scary.

I spend a lot of time reading blogs, and easily spend way more time commenting on them than I actually spend posting on my own. In the interest of highlighting some of my best work, and in the interest of avoiding actually coming up with new content of my own, may I present a “Best of Chris’s Blog Comments Round-up”:

  • At HobbsOnline, I do my best to defend against the unproven accusations of fraud in the Winter Soldier Investigations here and here.
  • I tackle vending machines and juvenile obesity over at Adam Groves (now defunct, I guess)
  • I do some pointless sniping over numbers in a Sean Penn piece at Michael Williams’ blog. Very snarky. I must have been in a bad mood that day.
  • I get a little ticked about blaming government budget problems on spending.
  • One of my pet subjects, “media bias”, comes up at shotsacrossthebow, as well as leanleft, where my long-winded rant is summarily ignored. Sniff.
  • A fire-breathing rant about Atkins and low-carb dieting
  • At HobbsOnline, some amusing bantering about regarding a (straw-man) challenge issued to prove that the Bush administration ever explicitly linked Hussein and Al Qaeda.
  • I get into the payroll/household discrepancy over at HobbsOnline. Also here and here
  • I pretend to know something about tax policy at HobbsOnline. Come to think of it, I never followed up on that one.
  • I get all self-righteous about speeding at HobbsOnline.
  • Here I yell at Bill Hobbs (notice a trend here?) for thinking that Verisign should win its idiotic lawsuit.
  • And finally, in the comments of one of my own posts I go toe to toe with cox and forkum over their very bigoted t-shirt.

Good times.