mixed bag

Some assorted, boring updates:

I created some more detailed statistics on my website, using awstats.

I have been an RSS scraping fiend, lately, creating RSS feeds for sites I like that don’t have them:

Standard disclaimer for these feeds. As with all scraped feeds, they will inevitably break, and perhaps cause your RSS aggregator and possibly even your computer itself to explode. In fact, I think the Daily Kos diaries script is broken even as we speak.

Also, this guy, who is listed as a member of the RTB with his blog on slashdot, has added me to his “foes” list after only two comments. I guess he’s not down with the whole “dissenting opinion” thing. Which is a shock, see, because usually slashdot is.. alright, I can’t even finish this joke.

UPDATE: The dailykos diaries feed was definitely busted. For some reason the RDF XML that was normally embedded in the main diary page just disappeared. I had to re-tweak the script to scrape the actual HTML. Of course, this would be much easier if someone that ran the server would just setup scoop to make an RSS feed for that. *HINT HINT*.