RSS aggregation, III

I stumbled across another RSS aggregator, called feeds on feeds. It uses the same RSS parsing library I used for mine, Magpie, and it looks like he wrote it much for the same reason I wrote mine: because he needed one.

The difference, it appears, is that his is much better. There are still many features I wish it (and mine) had, but I am using it now, nonetheless. Advantages are that it stores feeds and links in MySQL, so you can mark stories as read and get a LJ-style layout of most-recent posts from all your aggregate feeds. The features I wish it had are all enumerated already on the sourceforge page. This makes me wonder if it’s still under active development or not. I e-mailed him to ask if I can poke around and maybe contribute a feature or two.

Check it out if you’re looking for a good web-based aggregator.