marshall vs. perle

Joshua Micah Marshall links to his appearance on a panel on neoconservatism (covered by C-SPAN), which pits him against Richard Perle, among others.

It’s a pretty interesting debate, but the beginning is particularly funny to me. The moderator makes a big deal about the passions arisen by such a topic and to please avoid the ad hominem attacks. Richard Perle, in his introductory remarks, then opens with two snide comments in a row directed at Josh, one of them a blatant ad hominem about Josh spending “every waking moment” on his blog, and the “left’s obsession with neoconservatism”. Nice. The moderator should have put him on time-out in the corner until he can behave around the grown-ups.

Josh was pretty eloquent in defending his assertions and presenting a case against the neoconservative foreign strategy. Check it out.