vote early and often!

Okay, well, maybe not often. But, feel free to vote early in next month’s Metro Council runoff election. Or, if you don’t mind waiting in line (but seriously, folks), the official election date:

September 11, 2003 Run-off Election
Polls Open Election Day 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

The results of the August 7th election mean that a run-off election will be held between Adam Dread, David Briley, Larry Schmittou, and Roy Dale.

Briley and Dread are my choices. Dread, I’ve mentioned before, is a younger incumbent whose work on the beer board is pretty popular. Briley is one of the few progressive candidates on the ballot. In addition, neither of them ever said this:

“Pat Nolan, the political commentator, said on TV the other night that I’m the most conservative of the group. I plead guilty to that,” Schmittou tells the Scene. “People don’t like these 25 percent property tax hikes. And certainly I’m against this gay thing. I make no bones about that. I don’t agree with that lifestyle, and I don’t want gays and lesbians teaching my grandchildren. They recruit. They don’t reproduce.”

Larry Schmittou, however, did.

This is a run-off election, so the turnout will be even lower than you could possibly imagine, so don’t think your vote doesn’t count. This election hasn’t exactly been a big win for the anti-bigot constituency. Let’s do some damage control.