misc, mad housers, part deux

Well, I’ve been busy, lately, hence the complete lack of activity. Amanda is finally done with her semester and finals! Hoorah!

I am currently reading one of the books she’s already read for one of her classes called The Truly Disadvantaged. It was written in the mid-80s and is about the “underclass” existing in American inner-cities and its associated social pathologies and maladies. It’s pretty interesting, but a difficult read for a left-brain cretin like myself.

Also, she and I went to Atlanta this past weekend to help out with a Mad Housers hut build. It went pretty well. They had great turn-out due to some recent publicity so we had more than enough volunteers. We got out to the site around 10AM and were done by 2PM. Not bad!

I am going to see what I can gauge around here for interest in starting a chapter here in Nashville. Preliminarily, I will probably just scope for potential sites around here and see if maybe I can get my friend Nick (VP of Mad Housers) to help us with an initial hut build here, and go from there.

If you’re in Nashville and you’re interested, drop me a line..