Priceline can bite me.

I am trying to fly to Philly next weekend to buy a car. So, I go there, and I put in BNA to PHL and set my price under $100. They couldn’t get me that price – not surprising – but they had a counteroffer. This is the webpage I was presented with.

That webpage clearly says that they are changing the airport I am flying from on the return flight. It doesn’t mention anything about changing my destination.

Despite this, This is the itinerary I got. They are sending me to Newark?!

I called their customer service and got in a shouting match. She said she could not refund anything (surprise), and when I asked to speak to a manager, she said, “there’s no one else to talk to, sir”.

Great. Thank you, priceline, for your expedient service in getting me cheap airfare .. to a city I wasn’t trying to go to.