Since moving, my wireless network hasn’t worked too well in my new apartment. That, combined with wanting to give wireless internet access to my neighbors (upstairs) via our DSL, has got me researching wireless and trying to learn as much as I can.

I think what I need is the Superpass 2.4GHz 9dBi 120 degree antenna. It gives 120 degrees of signal, which is what I need, since my access point is currently in the corner of my house, and relocating it would be difficult. It also gives enough vertical spread (40 degrees) to get to my neighbors.

It’s around $60, plus the cost of a pigtail, $20, unless I can mooch one from a friend in the wireless biz. Not too bad, really, but more than my broke-ass can spend right now. So, if anyone wants to give me an early birthday present, you know what to do! And after you buy me the BMW, you could get me this antenna for christmas or something.