crazy old lady letter

I wrote a good old fashioned crazy old lady letter to [GQ][1] tonight, in response to an article by this guy extolling the “virtues” of his apparent insolent lack of concern for his health or diet. Your typical “so what if I weigh 250 pounds and I’m gonna die – if I act insolent about my complete lack of self-control it seems like I do it in purpose even though I hate myself and cry on the inside every time I wolf down a big mac” spiel.

It’s a little pointless without the context of the article, so if you want, read it in the May 2002 issue of GQ – it’s in the “American Scene” section.

Here it is, anyway:

Subject: regarding Rick Bragg's "American Scene" -- For a vegetable, I'll Have White Gravy
To: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 23:26:34 -0500</p>

As a southern man, I am disturbed that Rick Bragg paints a portrait of
the ideal southern man as a hedonistic, self-indulgent gourmand. I
grew up in the south, and I enjoy and appreciate a good meat-n-three
as I do any other cuisine. However, I also plan on living past 50.

Southern cuisine was born of a time when southern Americans worked --
and worked hard. While I'm sure Mr. Bragg works hard, too, I doubt
that he's out there splittin' rails. And neither am I. I work in the
computer industry, and it takes a certain amount of effort and
moderation to maintain physical fitness and health.

Obesity is fast-approaching smoking as the leading cause of
preventable death in the United States. Mr. Bragg is setting a poor
example, and is a sad representative of a "southern man". If he wants
to eat himself into a coronary, that's fine, but it's nothing to be
proud of.

--Chris Wage
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