to the moon, PETA!

Amanda read this to me, the other day, and I ran into it again on News of the Weird:

Charity cow-patty bingo games at state fairs continue, such as those in Connellsville, Pa., in April and Calgary, Alberta, in June (in which a field is divided into squares, money bet on the squares, and a winner declared by which square receives the first cow deposit). But in February, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protested the cow-patty bingo fund- raiser at Florida Southern College (Lakeland, Fla.), accusing the organizers of both physical abuse (feeding the cow laxatives, which the organizers denied) and emotional abuse (because it is such a "demeaning" and "silly" game). [Associated Press, 3-18- 02]

Further evidence that we need to round up the members of PETA into a rocket and blast them to the moon.

Whether or not we then detonate the rocket or simply allow the to suffocate can be decided by PEEPMSTM (People for the Ethical Extermination of PETA Members by Sending Them to the Moon).