From the “what’s in my CD player” department:

Nothing! But I’ve been listening to a ton of MP3s of J-Live, a sort of underground hip-hop superstar.

Evidently his debut album in 1995, “The Best Part”, was mired with problems with the record label, and bootlegged a few times (and suspicion that he himself was behind one or more of the bootlegs is rampant). I think they finally released it in 1997, but I’m not sure it’s easy to find even now.

His new album All of the Above is supposed to come out very soon now, if it’s not out already.

Check out a review of it here.

I am really digging it so far. I swear, some of these tracks could have been lifted from the De La Soul Stakes Is High b-sides that don’t exist, or something. It’s nice to see someone picking up where they left off.

Once I’ve checked out these albums I may post a review or two over in the stagnant reviews section over on agenteight.com.